Terrazzo Polishing, Sealing and Repair from Stone Restoration Services

Terrazzo: Colors Worth Preserving

In addition to being very durable, terrazzo is a popular flooring choice because of the variety of colors and color combinations it brings to a room or public space. This tough stone composite will last a lifetime. With the proper care, so will its smooth, eye-catching finish.

Why Terrazzo Needs Maintenance

When Italian builders began mixing marble fragments with cement for flooring, they set off a movement in modern architecture. Today, terrazzo (“terrace”) comes in colorful mixtures of marble, quartz, slate and glass, creating a dazzling look worth protecting against.


  • Matte finish
  • Satin finish
  • Brilliant finish
  • Naturally

Thankfully, professional stone restoration services can usually fix these issues and protect your terrazzo flooring, countertops, tile and other surfaces from future damage.

Stone Restoration Services Beautifies and Protects Your Terrazzo

When you choose SRS for routine maintenance, you can expect your terrazzo surfaces to stay looking as brilliant and colorful as you’ve ever seen them, if not better.

Basic Terrazzo Cleaning, Finishing and Sealing


We begin by carefully and thoroughly cleaning your terrazzo surfaces with gentle products that won’t etch the wax coating.


We use top-grade terrazzo polishers with delicate, specialty abrasives to produce a natural-looking matte or soft satin finish.


By applying a gentler touch, appropriate buffing pads and powders, we can produce a smoother satin or brilliant, reflective finish.


Whether you prefer a matte, satin or brilliant finish, we apply a safe, professional sealant to ensure your desired look is protected.

All Stone Restoration Services Sealers have a 5-Year Guarantee

Terrazzo Repair Services

Epoxy Hole Repair

Holes can occur in terrazzo as the composite resin degrades over time. We use a strong epoxy to fill the holes and strengthen the composite.

Tile Resetting

The colorful touch terrazzo tiles add to kitchen and bath spaces is lost as they shift due to normal wear. We turn back the clock by realigning, leveling out and sealing loose tiles.

Tile Repair

Terrazzo tiles can also chip or crack with impact or when pressure is applied unevenly in use. We use a special epoxy that can repair the damage and make your tiles look like new.

Preserve Your Terrazzo Tiles and Flooring

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