Brick Cleaning, Sealing and Repair from Stone Restoration Services

Brick Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Deep Cleaning

  • Stripped
  • Rinsed
  • Grout Repaired

All Stone Restoration Services Sealers have a 5-Year Guarantee

Other Brick Floor Services

Grout Cleaning

For deeply stained grout, we use a safe but powerful cleaning solution and gently abrasive brushes to completely scrub out the discoloration, bringing out the grout’s original color.

Grout Repair

Cracks and gaps can develop in the grout over time, especially with heavy foot traffic. We use a strong epoxy to rebuild the grout, making it look great again and preventing water intrusion.

Brick Resetting

In exterior pathways and some interior floors, bricks can separate and become uneven in time. We can reset them, even out the surface and regrout to make your brick surfaces look like new.

Clean and Protect Your Brick Floors

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