Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile Polishing, Sealing and Repair from Stone Restoration Services

Saltillo Tile: The Soft Touch of Mexico

Whether in practical shades of brown and red or painted with intricate designs, Saltillo tile is a wonderful flooring option that provides a soft touch to the foot. The terracotta material it’s made out of is fairly durable. But just as with terracotta artworks, great care is needed to maintain it.

Why Saltillo Tile Needs Maintenance

A tradition dating back over four centuries, Saltillo tile brings with it a touch of the culture of Northern Mexico, where its distinctive clay is sourced. Beautiful as it is, the downside of saltillo tile is the porousness of the clay. Almost like a brittle sponge, it is highly vulnerable to:

Liquids. Many common liquids including juices, sodas, and coffee can cause discoloration of the tile and grout.

Dirt. Grime collects on the surface and between tiles fairly quickly, even with only moderate foot traffic.

Chipping. Even softer than ceramic tile, Saltillo tile can easily chip or crack.

The only way to keep Saltillo tile looking great for the long term is by applying and maintaining a professional sealant that will prevent stains, nicks and chips.

Stone Restoration Services Beautifies and Protects Your Saltillo Tile

When you choose SRS, your Saltillo tiles can look as gorgeous as the day they were first installed, and you’ll be able to enjoy their classic touch of Mexican culture for years to come.

Basic Saltillo Tile Cleaning, Finishing and Sealing


We begin by carefully and thoroughly cleaning your Saltillo tile with gentle products that won’t stain the terracotta.

Sealing & Polishing

We apply a safe, professional sealant that both protects and polishes the tiles to give them a renewed shine.

All Stone Restoration Services Sealers have a 5-Year Guarantee

Saltillo Tile Repair Services

Tile Resetting

Saltillo tiles can shift and become uneven due to normal wear over time. We turn back the clock by realigning, leveling out and sealing all your loose tiles.

Tile Repair

Because it is so soft, Saltillo tiles can easily chip or crack with minimal impact. We use a special epoxy that can repair the damage and match the tile’s original color.

Clean, Repair and Protect Your Saltillo Tiles

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