Cast Stone

Cast Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Repair from Stone Restoration Services

Cast Stone: Perfect If Protected

A cost-effective and practical choice for decorative masonry, veneers and pool coping, cast stone’s greatest appeal is its perfectly uniform look. Nothing beats reconstructed stone for coordinating built-in decor. However, that clean uniformity is easily lost if not maintained.

Why Cast Stone Needs Maintenance

As a simulation of natural cut stone, cast stone is remarkably similar to it in a number of ways. It can reasonably mimic the color and texture of natural stone. Unfortunately, it can also degrade in appearance due to the same risk factors:

Grime. The sealant has a tendency to collect dirt, calcium residue and debris, discoloring or staining the surface.

Fungi. Mold and mildew can grow easily outdoors, especially in high humidity and low sun exposure.

Erosion. Over time, rain, freezing and foot traffic can erode the surface of pavers and cause flaking, encouraging separation.

Thankfully, professional cleaning can safely remove these blemishes. And a top-grade sealant, when professionally applied, can prevent them.

Stone Restoration Services Beautifies and Protects Your Cast Stone

When you choose SRS, you’ll be able to keep your cast stone looking just as bright, bold and perfectly matched to your desired aesthetic as it was when it was first constructed.

Basic Cast Stone Cleaning and Sealing

Deep Cleaning

Our cleaning process includes a deep wash using a strong but gentle mold and mildew treatment solution, followed by a thorough rinse to bring out your cast stone’s original color.

Protective Sealing

Once clean, we apply a professional-grade sealant that will preserve the cast stone’s color, protect the surface and make everyday cleaning easier.

All Stone Restoration Services Sealers have a 5-Year Guarantee

Other Cast Stone Services

Grout Cleaning

For deeply stained grout, we use a safe but powerful cleaning solution and gently abrasive brushes to completely scrub out the discoloration, bringing out the grout’s original color.

Grout Repair

It’s natural for cracks and gaps to develop in the grout between cast pavers over time. We use an exterior-grade epoxy to rebuild the grout, preventing water access that can cause separation.

Stone Resetting

Water, debris, and soil erosion will cause your cast pavers to separate and become uneven. We can put them back together with a perfect fit and a long-lasting bond on an even plane.

Tile Repair

Even with a relatively modest impact, cast stone tiles can chip or crack. We use a special epoxy for indoor and outdoor cast stone tiles that can repair the damage and match their natural color.

Clean, Repair and Protect Your Cast Stone

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