Quartzite Polishing, Sealing and Repair from Stone Restoration Services

Quartzite: Light and Classy

It’s hard to go wrong with quartzite countertops, backsplashes, wall veneers and flooring. Typically white or gray with a variety of natural accent colors, it brightens any room. This classy look can be relatively easy to maintain as well, but only with the proper sealant and care.

Why Quartzite Needs Maintenance

When sandstone contains a high composition of quartz, it becomes both uniquely beautiful and highly durable. The resulting quartzite has the potential to last indefinitely. But without sealing it and maintaining that seal, quartzite is just as susceptible as other natural stone to these threats:

Acid. Quartzite can contain calcium carbonate, which reacts with acidic substances like vinegar and soft drinks to chemically etch the surface.

Liquids. Oils and colorful liquids can get into natural fissures and stain the surface, eventually forming an unattractive green or brown film (called a patina).

Evaporation. When water gets into the stone and then evaporates, it leaves a white residue behind that degrades the natural color of quartzite.

The good news is that most damage to quartzite is treatable with professional cleaning, and virtually all of this is preventable with proper sealant maintenance.

Stone Restoration Services Cleans and Protects Your Quartzite

With SRS, you’ll never have to worry about losing the elegance of your quartzite surfaces to preventable damage.

Basic Quartzite Cleaning and Sealing


We begin by carefully and thoroughly cleaning your quartzite with gentle products that won’t chemically etch or stain the surface.


We use top-grade slate polishers with delicate, specialty abrasives to produce a natural-looking matte or soft satin finish.


By applying a gentler touch, appropriate buffing pads and powders, we can produce a smoother satin or brilliant, reflective finish.


To ensure your quartzite surfaces remain beautiful for years to come, we apply a safe, professional sealant to ensure its natural colors are preserved.

All Stone Restoration Services Sealers have a 5-Year Guarantee

Quartzite Tile Repair Services

Tile Resetting

The elegance quartzite tiles add to kitchen and bath spaces is lost as they shift due to normal wear over time. We turn back the clock by realigning, leveling out and sealing loose tiles.

Tile Repair

Durable as it is, quartzite can chip or crack with impact like any other natural stone tile. We use a strong epoxy to repair the damage with a closest possible match to the tile’s original color.

Protect Your Quartzite Countertops, Tiles and Flooring

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