All You Need to Know About Grout Repairs

Do you have a faulty grout you wish to repair? Then this blog is for you. Contrary to what you may know, regrouting is an easy DIY project you can do to give your home a completely fresh look and at a little cost.

Although regrouting is not complicated, there are still a few things you’ll need to know before you start your grout repairs to have an amazing result. Let us delve right in to find out the best and safe ways you can regrout. Shall we?

Know Your Grout Colors

First things first! You need to know your grout colors to have good grout repairs. This will help you pick and match your grout properly and also help avoid uneven colors when you’re done.

For instance, if your original grout is lighter than the color you choose to use from the chips, then you’ll have to lighten the new grout you’re about to use by adding more water while you mix it. But, if your original grout color is darker, you can use less water while you mix.  

Know Your Grout Types

Here’s another very important step to having a grout repair. Know your grout type. Grouts are divided into two: sanded and unsanded. You need to choose the correct type of grout based on your tile joints and the location of your grout repair.

This can be done by:

  • Measuring the space between the tiles. If the space between the tiles is up to ⅛ inch, then sanded grout will work just fine. But if it’s smaller, then unsanded grout it is
  • Also, while trying to repair your grout, ensure you don’t use sanded grout with a marble, metal, or glass tile. Unsanded grout does a better job holding these tiles together 

What Are The Steps to Repairing My Grout

Basic and easy DIY steps to grout repairs are:

  • Remove the damaged grout using a grout saw. But be careful not to chip the tile
  • Clean the broken grout
  • Dampen the tile with water using a paper towel
  • Apply the grout
  • Wait for about 15-30 minutes, then clean up the excess grout with a damp sponge
  • Let the grout set
  • Clean up the excess residue if there’s any
  • Seal the grout, and you’re done


If you live in Dallas and you need grout or stone repairs, look no further than stone restoration services. Grout repairs may be easy, but you’ll need to be patient while installing them. We’re very concerned about your safety, so rest assured we will help fix your grout in the best and safest way possible.